Have you ever enjoyed the thought of doing something but were not equally excited about the process of doing what you love? There are at least a handful of thoughts that I enjoy but the process not so much. For example, I love the thought of me being physically fit but the process of getting to that point keeps me right where I’m at; not fit. As of late, I have enjoyed the thought of being a writer; but not just a writer, a great writer, but again the process of getting to that point feels debilitating.

There is a saying that I have been actively putting into practice as of late which simply states, “Writers, write.” Although I do not see myself as a good writer, at least not yet; however I am ever going to grow in that area of my life I am going to have to write.

If I am ever going to get better at the skill I desire to be great in then I have to keep at it. I have to keep writing. Like a basketball player who spends countless hours in the gym working on his jump shot, so the person who longs to be a master of any discipline must do the same.

When I want to give up I need to keep writing past my previous limits. When I want to give up the discipline because of my lack of confidence and personal insecurity I need to get over myself and keep writing; besides how else am I ever going to become great at something if I never fight to get to that point?
Writers, keep writing.

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