The humble in heart are taught of the Lord. This teaching begins once the Lord is acknowledged and submitted to as Sovereign over all things including the individual. Can a dead man obey the laws of the King? No! This, however, does not excuse him before his creator. He is still expected to give an account and will give an answer for his rebellion against the King’s orders for his failure to obey.

Why? Because he is a created being and the Lord of lords is over him. Can a dead man make himself come to life? No! From beginning to end the Lord is Lord over all things. He is Lord over our salvation. He is Lord over our being taught. He is Lord over EVERYTHING. If we are in Him and He in us His Lordship in our lives will be evidenced by our submission to His word.

Jesus told His disciples that their obedience or the lack thereof was the proof of their love for Him (John 14:15). So, do you love the Lord? If you do, you will have a heart filled with humility as you submit to His word.

Over time, His Lordship over your life will be made more evident in every sphere of life to all the watching world, especially the invisible one. This work of God’s power in salvation will increase and fill the earth. In the end, what the Lord purchased will be in His possession and the whole earth will be saved. The last enemy to be defeated will be death.

By faith, may we be counted among those who believed God and obeyed His word.

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