“That the progress of the Church through these years has been slow is due to the fact that Christians in general have not taken seriously Christ’s command to evangelize the world. The Great Commission is addressed not merely to ministers and missionaries, but to all Christians everywhere. No distinction is made in this command between ministers and laymen. The command applies to parents rearing their children, to children in regard to their parents, to individuals in whatever relationship they stand to their neighbors or business or social companions, to those who teach in the schools, to employers and employees in their mutual relationships, to writers, newsmen, statesmen, to Christians in general regardless of occupation or station in life. The Gospel is the “good news” of the salvation that God has provided for sinful men, and it should be given out by all who have it,—given out by word of mouth, through the example of a Christian life, and by the effective and generous use of money or property or time as opportunity affords. Oftentimes a word sincerely spoken by a friend or neighbor to one who is outside the Church is more persuasive than what is said by the minister. It has been said: “No one can perform a higher service than this—to make more accessible the riches that are in Christ Jesus.” Let Christians everywhere take seriously the command to evangelize the world and the work will be accomplished in a comparatively short time.”

Boettner, Loraine. 1957. The Millennium. Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company.

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