The State (Civil Government) has convinced many that they are God. They have done this by claiming authority over areas where only the one and true living God ought to reign (over all things). All forms of government are under the authority of God and to have it any other way is yet another evidence that we have drifted far from God and are in need of deep-rooted, soul-searching repentance.

Concerning these very issues, Gary North rightly stated,

“Freedom and order are achieved only when men throughout a society are striving to reconstruct all their social institutes along the lines outlined in the Bible. Whenever we see a social theory that proclaims the validity of a pyramid structure of institutions, with some institutions at the bottom, and a single institution at the top, we are facing the society of Satan. The pyramid structure, both in social theory and architecture, was basic to pagan antiquity. It is also the reigning social theory of modern socialism and communism. It places men at the base of the pyramid, and it places the State at the top.” Unconditional Surrender, Gary North, Pg. 174-175

The point is this. There are different spheres of government and each is under the ultimate authority of the Lordship of Christ. This means that each sphere (Self, Family, Church, Civil Government) is and will be held accountable before the sovereign God and must therefore live in light of God’s rule and rules over their lives, according to the word of God.

No person and or institution is autonomously sovereign in themselves. Jesus is Lord over all and men will either Kiss the Son (in worship to Him according to the word of God) or they will perish.

May we search our hearts and return back to our God.

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