Arminianism is the theological system which emphasizes the free will of man and teaches that God’s predestination of a sinner unto salvation is solely based on the foreknowledge of God in who would choose Him.

Arminianism holds to the position that God looked down the corridors of time to see who in essence would elect God, and on the bases of man’s decision to follow God does God then elect the sinner and save him from his sin.

One year after his death, in 1610, the followers of Jacobus Arminius collected his teachings and formed what is best known today as Arminianism. According to The Lexham Glossary of Theology, “Arminian doctrines are often discussed in contrast to Reformed or Calvinist doctrines because the two systems have fundamentally different starting points for answering the same theological questions.” See: What is Calvinism?

Arminianism is most easily understood by its five points summarized in the five points of Arminianism.


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