Father’s are called by God to lead. This leadership should never be passive but always active. As people, created in the image of God, we should strive to emulate God. Ultimately, emulation is impossible without having the righteousness of Christ. In other words, the father’s first role in leadership is to make sure he has bowed the knee to God the Father in humble submission to the Jesus described in the bible.

Once a man’s heart has been changed by God he can then led his home in a manner that pleases God, according to the word of God. Apart from this submission to God and his word how can a man lead correctly? Sure, there may be some principles and family guidelines he gets right but even those are borrowed from the God of all truth who has revealed Himself in holy scripture. It is not because of him per say that any good comes from his broken and fragmented worldview, rather any good that does result from his leadership is only because God is gracious.

The same can be said for every father, in that case, however, the Christian father, who leads his family intentionally as a result of the word of God understands that everything he has he has been called to be a good steward over. Accountability helps people steward good gifts wisely.

If a man fails to see that Christ is Lord over His life, he will not lead wisely because he does not possess the holy fear that he will one day have to give an account with respect on how he led his family.

In short, we need godly leaders. We need godly fathers. We need godly men. We need God!

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