Spending time with God is a way of life for the believer (or it should be). Like Enoch, but to a greater degree, we can and must walk with God daily.

Walking with someone and talking with them for hours at hand entails that you are at peace with them and not only do you enjoy their company but they yours. This is the fellowship we have with God, in Christ.

What is walking with God mean and look like?

Walking with God is the daily exercise of moving forward in the things of God, every moment of every day, by the strength and grace that He provides, with the hope of heaven in our sights we can talk to God, pray to God, rest in God, cry out to God, confess our faults to God and a billion other activities.

Walking with God is a sweet blessing that many of us who have been redeemed often miss out on due to our over interest in shiny things. We have convinced ourselves (due to years of training) that walking with God only takes place in the morning when we give God our 5-10 minutes “Quit time”, as a result, we miss out on the richness of walking with God every day and throughout the day.

Our walking with God should mean that our distance from the world is increasing, so while we are in the world, nonetheless we are not of the world, and while we are in the world we are steadily walking toward the things that please the creator of the world.

May this be our heart’s desire as we seek to please the One who gave us His all in Jesus Christ.

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