Take an inventory of your life today. What are the activities holding you back from growth? What are your goals for the next 5, 10,15 years? When you don’t have a plan you end up following other people’s plans and before you know it you wasted your life fulfilling other people’s dreams.

It takes humility to acknowledge your deficiencies and it takes courage to face them head-on. The easy thing to do is ignore yourself in the name of helping others all the while you really have nothing to give others, you are just playing a role. Maybe that doesn’t describe you but sadly I could say that in far too many instances the above sentences describe me.

I have personally found that fighting other people’s (good & noble) battles are often a distraction to the tasks and responsibilities I need to personally accomplish and attend to. If I am not focused on what I’m called to do, I can easily allow other people set the course of my life for me, at which point I have nothing to complain about because by default I gave them control over my life.

If this describes you what should you do?

  • Take control of your life today by knowing what it is you are called to do and be.
  • Talk to close friends and family members who have your best interest and ask them to tell you the truth about yourself and listen with a humble ear.
  • Be relentless about giving yourself to your priorities.
  • Use the time you have to do what God has called you to do and stop meddling in other people’s business.

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