Now that the election has been decided and we know who our next president of the United States will be (Donald J. Trump) what should our attitude be looking forward toward the future?

For many, fear and uncertainty mark their future. Others, because of who their president is feel a sense of excitement and hope for the future but if your fears and or excitement is generated based on who is or isn’t the president of the United States then you have placed your hope on sinking sand.

For Christians with a biblical worldview there is a settling peace in them knowing that the God of all creation, who ordains all things to come to pass is still ruling and reigning on His throne. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. We are convinced that nothing can come to pass unless God first decrees it, therefore our hope is not built on who the current president of the United States is but our hope is in Christ alone.

What can Christians do moving forward now that we have the president that God ordained us to have? We should continue to do the same things we have always been called to do – that is, live godly and peaceable lives; pray for kings and all those that are in authority; make disciples in our homes and in the nations doing all for the glory of God as we seek to spread his kingdom through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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