The Lord’s day is a day of celebration for God’s people. On this day we gather together as a collective of sinners who have been declared saints, because of the righteous actions of another person. This person is none other than the Jesus of Nazareth. His perfect life lived on our behalf and His sacrificial death on our behalf has made us right before God.

On the Lord’s day, we sing songs that focus our attention on Him. We take communion to remember that His broken body and shed blood is ours by faith. We commune with one another as an overflow of our communion with Him. We have a genuine love for one another because we know that we are a people that have been loved by God when we were utterly unloveable. We are joyful because our sins have been forgiven. We are honest with one another because God has removed our guilt and shame. We are not perfect but forgiven. We are not self-righteous but declared righteous. We are not holier than thou because we have a better more full holiness that was sealed by the holiness of the holy one. We have promises given to us by God that our minds will take an eternity to apprehend. We are blood-bought saints. We have been set free to worship, love, be loved, forgive, receive forgiveness, be thankful, joyful, grateful, and repentance. We are head crushes of sin because our Master has crushed the head of the father of lies.

This Lord’s day, remind yourself of these countless truths and rest in the reality of them. By faith, believe God’s word as it is preached, and apply it to every area of your life every day until next week when you gather with God’s people to do it all over again, until the Lord’s second advent.

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