There is a confident assurance that every Christian has when he or she opens their mouth to share the good news of the gospel. That confidence is founded on a promise, not in our abilities. The promise is simple: God will save all His own. All those that the Father has given the Son to save will never be lost (John 6:37). The Son, Jesus, redeemed God’s elect at the cross and the Holy Spirt will draw each of God’s own into the fold so that none will be lost (John 18:9).  

How does God accomplish this task in saving His own? He does so through the preaching of the Gospel. In God’s plan, He has chosen to save weak men through the gospel and then send those weak men out to proclaim the gospel to others that they may be saved.

People who were not once a part of the fold have been drawn in by the Good Shepherd to preach the only message that can save souls. Our message is this: Kiss the Son or Perish. Come, taste, and see that the Lord is good.

As we faithfully preach the word and scatter the seed of the gospel where God has placed us, God’s sheep will hear His voice and they will come and eat up the sheep food. Goats will sniff the food and pass by but God’s sheep will taste and see.

What is our responsibility as sheep before God? We are now His ambassadors. An Ambassador is someone who has been sent on behalf of a noble to proclaim His message to others. The message is the gospel. It is a great message and the only message that God has set aside for Himself to win the nations to Himself.

As His ambassadors, we are not to tamper with that message or alter it in any way, instead, our job is to scatter the sheep food and watch God draw His own to Himself. We are called to preach and pray or better yet, preach in a spirit of prayer. 

First, we must pray.

  • Pray that God is glorified as His word goes forth in the power of the Holy Spirt.
  • Pray that God raises up an army of preachers whose minds and hearts are fixed on doing the Father’s will.
  • Pray that sinners respond in repentance to the gospel message that is scattered on the ground for God’s sheep to eat. 

Second, we must preach.

  • We must preach the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.
  • Preach the whole counsel of God.
  • Preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Tell sinners that Jesus is Lord and that the King commands you to repent today.
  • Preach with passion.
  • Preach with fire in your bones.
  • Preach like a dying man to dying men and women.  

As we pray and as we preach we may see little fruit in our lifetime. This does not mean that God’s means to change the hearts of sinners are ineffective. Rather than doubt God we must press in all the more and with eyes of faith and keep doing what He has called us to do believing that God will accomplish what He has decreed.

Beloved, keep praying, and keep preaching.

Keep preaching in spite of the lack of fruit. Keep praying in spite of the little change. Why? Because God is faithful. He will save sinners. Keep shaking the tree and in due time fruit will fall.

In spite of what you see or don’t see, keep believing God. God desires to save sinners, and God’s will, will always be accomplished. By faith, keep preaching to sinners.

By faith, keep praying to God on behalf of sinners.

By faith, keep believing that in His time God will keep His promises to save all his own.

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