We live in a world filled with evil. I think that goes without saying. One only has to open up a news paper or turn on the television to see all kinds of evil acts take place, and the evil you hear about is not just happening oversee’s but it’s happening right here in the states and in our communities. In most recent news, a man in Cleveland murdered an elderly man while recording the whole event on his Facebook live.

Evil is all around us and everyone knows it, but there is something about evil that many people do not know, and having probably never considered and thats this, evil is being restrained by God. As evil and sinful as this world is; as much horror and wickedness we hear about or even see with our own eyes we have still to witness the depths of evils evil because of God’s loving and restraining hand. In His kindness, God has not permitted us as humans to see the horrors of evils work. Like a dog tied to a chain evil and the fullness of its horrifying effects are being kept at bay. One could easily respond negatively by questioning God’s goodness and even question His existence because of all the evil in the world, but to question God’s existence would give credence to the fact that this person actually believes in someone they say doesn’t exist. This would be loonacy at its finest.

Rather than deny God’s existence because of all the evil taking place around the world and in our communities; the unbeliever would be better served to bow down and worship the God who is holding evil back. Their will come a day when God’s restraining hand will be removed and all the evils that could take place will take place. The day of this horrid reality, where evil will be unleashed to torment those who chose not to worship the Lord will take place on the Day of Judgment, in a place called hell.

Hell Raod Sign

In hell, God’s loving hand will be pulled back and all the evils that men saw or partook in while on earth will seem like a day at the beach in comparison to the evils of this real place. This is why the bible stresses the importance of sinners coming to Christ “now” as opposed to “tomorrow.”

Mankind has only one hope from escaping the coming evils that everyone deserves to face, and that is by giving themselves over to Christ, through repentance of sin and trust in the perfect life lived by Jesus who alone took on the sin of those who turn to Him, by faith.

Unless a person comes to trust in Christ along for their salvation that individual will not only see and even experience the ugliness of evil in this life, but even worse they will feel the full weight of evils grip in the life to come when they are separated from God’s loving presence for eternity, at which point they will finally realize that God was restraining evil back their whole lives.

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