When was the last time you got into a fight? As I thought about that question I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last physical altercation that I was involved with in recent history, other than “the fight” I got into at lunch in grade school, which resulted in me kneeing some kid in the face over something that probably had to do with him messing with my food (FYI, I was very protective of my food), which ended with us playing basket ball in the gym later in the day. Since then, there have probably been a few close calls, but none of which to my recollection have ended up in an actual fist fight. 

With that being said, you might be fooled into thinking that I don’t know how to fight because I haven’t had to fight in years, but truth be told the opposite is true. Although it’s been several years since I’ve had to physically defend myself, the truth of the matter is, since becoming a Christian there has never been a day when I haven’t had to defend myself in spiritual hand to hand combat. 

What do I mean? Well, you see, when God graciously saved me; He not only forgave my sin and gave me the imputed righteousness of His Son, but He also gave me the Holy Spirit and enrolled me into His army and called me to fight the good fight of faith. Since that day, I have been relentlessly fighting against the world , the flesh, and the devil.

In fact, let me go a step further by saying that my experience of being enrolled into hand to hand combat in the army of the Lord was not limited to me; this war like mentality is a reality for every blood bought child of God. The moment we were born from above God said, “Its time to fight.” I’m sure this concept of fighting coupled with the title of being a child of God probably  sounds like a contradiction to many, especially to those who lean more toward a cultural, rather then a biblical understanding of what a Christian should  look like; which is usually a distorted image of someone who is super sensitive, and afraid to deal with conflict head on because he or she doesn’t want to “hurt their testimony.” However, the truth of the matter is that you and I were born to fight. 

Now, before I move on let me quickly qualify myself by saying that it is not God’s will that His children go out looking to start fights, in fact the Bible is clear that the Christian is to be someone who pursues peace with all men, if possible. But pursuing peace with all men doesn’t mean that we are push overs, and are afraid of conflict when it approaches us. 

So let me bring this full circle, when it comes to the christians roles in spiritual warfare many of us are exactly that, push overs. We get upset when people cross us or mess with our stuff, but we often cower and give in to sin as soon as we are tempted. Our marriages can be in disarray, our lack of self-control can be out the window and our home upside down, but the fighter in us wont come out until someone looks at us ugly. Boy, have we lost focus! Lord, change our hearts. 

You may be asking, “Why do we need to fight.” Answer, because we live in a fallen world. The enemy of our soul hates our God, and because of that, we will always be actively engaged in spiritual hand to hand combat in this world, until the Lord returns.

Are you ready to fight? If so, then pick up and put on the full armor of God. Only God’s weaponry outlined in the word of God (Ephesians 6) will give you the tools to fight the good fight of faith against the most fierce enemies you and I will ever face (The flesh, the world and the devil). 

Let’s stop making excuses about why we cant fight or how we fought in the past, but are weary because we kept losing the battles we were engaged in. Today is a new day in Christ. By faith, let us fight the good fight of faith, and cling to our victorious King who conquered Satan at the cross, on our behalf. 


  • Pray: Talk to the Lord and pour out your heart to Him; tell Him that you are weak and weary and that you lack the strength to fight the good fight of faith, and by faith fix your eyes on Christ knowing that His strength is your strength.  
  • Read: Pick up and read the word of God, and seek to apply it to your life; believing  what it says about the victory you have in Christ. children have in Him.
  • Rest: Rest in the deep promises of God. The Lord promised that He would never leave or forsake His people, so keep in mind that as you fight the good fight of faith you are not fighting alone but the Lord of Hosts is for you and with you.
  • Fight: By faith, get out of the trenches. By faith, pick-up your spiritual walkie talkie and call for back up. By faith, kill the sin that is keeping you from having that sweet fellowship you once had with God and others. Don’t stop fighting! and be reminded that God has given you all the armor you need to fight the good fight of faith. (Read: Ephesians 6:10-18) 

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